About Us

The idea for Considered has been years in the making. Founders Ellie Horwell Roche and Paula Roberts have been friends forever, and, while working full time on other projects, started to discuss the meaning of 'home', and how the products that we surround ourselves with affect the way we feel. 

They started to form an idea of curating an interiors and lifestyle concept store together, selling products which fulfilled their essential criteria of being ethical, beautiful, sustainable, and enduring. They are delighted that that idea is finally a reality. 

Considered co-founder Ellie Horwell has spent the last decade discreetly creating homes and sourcing beautiful products for movers and shakers around the world. With her eponymous interior design company, Eleanor Horwell Design, she has spent years searching ‘down side roads’ on behalf of her clients, sourcing antiques, must-have pieces and unusual products to create unique, covetable interiors.

Considered co-founder Paula Roberts has worked in the digital fashion and beauty retail industry for the last twenty years, working with major brands such as Topshop, Jo Malone, Agent Provocateur and Milk Makeup, launching new products and advising on digital strategy. She is now bringing that expertise to Considered, curating the lifestyle store and online presence. 

Considered is filled with products that they love, that mean something, and that they would want to keep forever.

"It takes many layers to make a house a home. We take pride in those layers, and want them all to be meaningful and loved. We strive to find outstanding products, from individual makers, or companies who are rarely stocked in the UK, and give them a platform. Considered sells limited run items and constantly evolving collections, alongside core items from larger suppliers who we love, and believe in." ― Ellie Horwell Roche

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ― William Morris

We hope you enjoy your Considered experience and would love any feedback, which you can send to or